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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the 4th book in the series by J.K.Rowling

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Chapter 1- The Riddle House

Lying there with their eyes wide open! Cold as ice! Still in their dinner things!

Riddle Familys maid

The book starts off at the Riddles abandoned family home where about 50 years earlier the family maid found all three of the Riddles dead, with no known cause found.

The long term caretaker that still works at the empty run down house saw lights in the house and decides to investigate. He stands outside the room listening to the conversation of the two men inside, Wormtail and He Who Must Not Be Named.

He is discovered by Nagini, He Who Must Not Be Named snake, who happens to go past him when investigating the house.

He was invited into the room by Wormtail where he was then killed by He Who Must Not Be Named.

Two hundred miles away, the boy called Harry Potter woke with a start.

Chapter 2- The Scar

Harry Potter woke from a vivid dream with his lightning bolt shaped scar burning.

He tried to recall the dream before he had awoke. He knew there where 3 people, 1 of whom he did not know. “The dim picture of a darkened room came to him…There had been a snake on a hearth rug… a small man called Peter, nicknamed Wormtail… and a cold, high voice… the voice of Lord Voldemort”.

He tried to remember what Voldemort had looked but couldn’t.

Harry was at his Aunt and Uncles house surrounded by his belongings, a large open wooden trunk with a cauldron, broomstick, black robes and spell books. And Hedwig, his snowy owls empty cage.

His Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley being his only living relatives. Muggles who hated magic and explained Harry’s long absences at Hogwarts by telling people he went to a center for criminal boys. Harry ended up living with the Dursley’s after Voldemet killed his parents and wouldn’t have a lightning shaped scar if he hadn’t tried to kill Harry afterwards.

Harry then talks about his godfather Sirius and how he had escaped for Azkaban the wizard prison and him and his friends had saved him alongside buckbeak.

Chapter 3- The invitation

This chapter starts off with Harry eating breakfast with the Dursleys and how Dudley had been put on a diet due to having reached the rough size and weight of a young killer whale.

Harry however had received help from his friends after they found out what he was eating over the summer and they sent him a range of snacks. He also received 4 birthday cakes.

His Uncle Vernon received a letter from Molly Weasley, Ron’s mum, about harry attending the quidditch world cup. Harry used his godfather Sirius to get Vernon to agree for him to go.

Chapter 4- Back to the Burrow

Ron’s family comes and collects Harry from Privet Drive. However Mr Weasley decided to use the Floo network without realising that the Dursley’s fireplace had been blocked up.

Fred then drops some toffees, one of which Dudley eats making his tongue swell up. Mr Weasley then starts saying he can correct it and sends Harry to the Burrow through the Floo network.

Chapter 5- Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes

Harry is back at the Burrow and meets Ron’s 2 other brothers, Bill and Charlie. Charlie who worked in Romani with Dragons and Bill who worked for the Ministry of Magic.

Fred and George where told off by Mrs Weasley due to a toffee that Fred ‘dropped’ by accident and was eaten by Dudley causing his tongue to swell up.

Chapter 6- The Portkey

Harry and his friends where woken up early, by Mrs Weasley, to go and find the portkey to travel to the Quidditch World Cup. They climbed up Stoatshead Hill talking about portkey where they find Amos and Cedric Diggory where they find the portkey, an old boot.

Chapter 7- Bagman and Crouch

Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys arrive at a deserted misty moor where they are met by two wizards one of whom is holding a large clock the other a roll of parchment and a quill. Basil, the wizard holding the parchment and quill gave Arthur directions to his field and the site manager Mr. Roberts. Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys made their way over to the site manager where they where given a map of campsite. They walked through the rows of tents and find an empty space with a sign that read Weezly.

Chapter 8

Arthur gguided Harry, Hermione and the rest of the Weasleys to the stadium where they they where given instructions to their seats, the top box.

The two Quidditch teams, Bulgaria and Ireland were then introduced along with their team mascots, Veela and Leprechauns.

The game then ended after a few crashes and fights between the team mascots with Ireland winning by 10 points.

Chapter 9- The Dark Mark

Harry, Ron and Hermione were woken up by Arthur and told to hide in the woods along with the other Weasleys, due to a commotion outside involving a group of masked wizards.

Members of the ministry of magic then surrounded Harry, Ron and Hermione due to the dark mark being conjured in the sky.

Winky, Mr Crouch’s house elf was found with Harry’s dropped wand that was found to have conjured the mark.

Arthur escorted Harry, Ron and Hermione back to their tent.

Chapter 10- Mayhem at the Ministry

The next morning after a few hours sleep Arthur packed up their tents and the walked back to the moor to get a portkey home.

They arrived back at The Burrow where a worried Molly greeted them.

Chapter 11- Aboard the Hogwarts Express

After AArthur was called about important Ministry business and left to sort out the problem, Molly called for some ordinary Muggle Taxis to take everyone to King’s Cross Station.

Harry, Ron and Hermione along with the twins got onto the Hogwarts express which shortly after left the station.

Chapter 12- The Triwizard Tournament

Harry, Ron and Hermione were taken up to castle carriages and then sat down in the Great Hall where the new students were placed into their houses.

Dumbledore then gives an announcement about the tri-wizard tournament that would take place at Hogwarts that year.

Chapter 13- Mad Eye Moody

After morning lessons Ron is approached by Malfoy who talks about an article about his father Arthur Weasley in the paper. The confrontation starts to get nasty and Malfoy casts a spell that barely misses Harry, Mad-Eye Moody happened to see all of this and then changed Malfoy into a ferret.

Mad-Eye Moody then takes Malfoy to Snape, Slytherins head of house.

Chapter 14- The Unforgivable curse

The Gryffindor fourth year’s arrived early for their first lesson with Mad-Eye Moody who informed them that he was there just for a year.

Mad-Eye Moody taught them about Unforgivable Curses. While in the Gryffindor common room, Harry’s owl Hedwig flew in with a note from Sirius.

chapter 15- Beauxbatons and Durmstrang

The next morning Harry rushed to the Owlery with a reply for Hedwig to give to Sirius.

After their Caring for Magical Creatures lesson with Hagrid, they found a large sign announcing the arrival of students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang the following Friday.

When the following Friday afternoon arrived, the Hogwarts students waited to meet the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students outside.

Chapter 16- The Goblet of Fire

The Hogwarts students walked into the Great Hall where they took their seats at their houses tables. The Durmstrang students were still gathered around wondering where to sit whereas the students from Beauxbatons had settled down at the Ravenclaw table.

After everyone had finished eating Dumbledore announced the start of the Triwizard tournament and the Goblet. Students over 17 who wanted to take part were told to write down their names and then place them in the Goblet.

The next morning after during breakfast multiple students put forward their names including the Beauxbatons students.

that evening after the Halloween meal the Triwizard champions where announced.

However, there were 4 champions announced instead of 3

Chapter 17- The Four Champions

An argument started between the teachers of the 3 schools on how a 4th name came out of the Goblet when each school was only allowed 1 champion each.

Chapter 18- The weighing of the Wands

Harry was taken out of a potions class to join the other 3 chosen champions to make sure their wands were working properly.

Harry also done an interview with Rita Skeeter.

Chapter 19- The Hungarian Horntail

Hagrid took Madam Maxime, with Harry under his invisibility cloak, for a walk and stopped at a clump of trees. Behind the trees were 4 large dragons.

Chapter 20- The First Task

The next day Harry decided to tell Cedric about the dragons he had seen so that all champions would have a fair advantage. Mad-Eye Moody then took Harry too his office and helped him figure out how to get past his dragon.

Hermione and Harry spent the rest of the evening and night working on summoning spells for the first task the next day.

When it was time for the first task Harry was collected by Professor McGonagall and taken to a tent where the other champions where waiting. They where then given brief instructions and told to to pick an item each from a bag.

They where then each called in turn to the arena to face the first challenge.

Chapter 21- The House-Elf Liberation Font

Harry sent a letter to Sirius on what happened during the first challenge and then was taken back to the common room with Ron and Hermione where a surprise party had been set up.

The next day after Divination Hermione rakes Harry and Ron down to the kitchen where they are greeted by Dobby, Winky and many other house elves.

Chapter 22- The Unexpected Task

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