Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel
The first book of the Infernal Devices Trilogy, a prequel to Mortal Instruments.   Tessa is in search of her missing brother but along the way descends into Londons supernatural underworld. She soon discovers allies in a group called the Shadowhunters who is in charge of slaying demons They soon find themselves up against a secret organisation of vampires, warlocks, demons and humans. The club are out to rule the British Empire and they have…

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I have enjoyed Cassandra Clares writing, they are young adult books but I dont think they include too basic wording. They are books that can be read by a many ages. The mix of fantasy and historical fiction is good and im looking forward to reading the rest of her writing.

I really enjoyed this book and am pleased I read it after the first 3 Mortal Instruments books.
I preferred the characters in this than the Mortal Instruments, at least so far, they act more grown up and maybe they’re older than Clary and Jace. I found them more mature and less stuck up.
This book seemed to have a similar set up to Mortal Instruments. This book follows a young girl named Tessa who is captured by The Dark Sisters who torture due to a special gift she knew nothing about. She is rescued by the shadowhunters who then help her find her brother who was thought to be captured. However a long the way non-human creatures get in their way and lies make it hard to know who to believe and what’s right from wrong.

There are a few small unexpected twists in this book and I would recommend it if you have read any of the other Shadowhunter books.­

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